About Us

Snow removal equipment SNOWFOOT for airports, roads and highways is a large number of special units designed to deal with snow: snow plow, rotary snow broom, cold air blower, other types of equipment that can provide year-round service airports, roads and highways to suit individual requirements customer

asp fmSnow removal equipment SNOWFOOT developed over several years of joint efforts of experts in SNOWFOOT and snow removing engineers of the many airports and municipal enterprises, thereby creating a modern high-performance, specially designed system consisting of a wide range of special equipment that meets the latest technology snow removing.

Reliability of snow removal equipment SNOWFOOT ensures that airport runways, as well as the supporting surface of roads and highways are cleaned with minimal time, which reduces maintenance costs, as well as maintenance costs and human resources for special airport transport and road maintenance services.

Our experienced engineers are constantly developing new machines and solutions to support our customers in solving their daily tasks.