Snow plow ASP series

SNOWFOOT ASP snow plows are designed to clean airport runways, roads, grounds and taxiways. A snowplow blade consists of separate segments, the snow plows wing is made of polyurethane and is attached to the main frame, which is attached to the mechanism for lifting and turning the blade. The whole structure is mounted on the front of the vehicle. Snow plows are equipped with support wheels, the design of which is protected from the impact of “flutter” during the snow removal process.

SNOWFOOT ASP snow plows allow snow removal in a “floating” mode by copying the profile of the surface to be cleaned. The hydraulic system (turning left / right, lifting, lowering) of the blade is controlled from the driver’s cabin using a simple control panel.

Technical parameters units of measurement ASP5 ASP6 ASP7
Weight kg 1550 1650 1850
Mouldboard width mm 5700 6000 7020
Blade length mm 5х1140 6х1000 6х1170
Mouldboard height mm 1400 1400 1400
Working width 30° mm 4850 5200 6100
Working width mm 5700 6000 6990
Angle of rotation snow plows deg. ±30 ±30 ±30
lifting time snow plows sec. 6 6 6
Turning time snow plows sec. 9 9 9
Working pressure in the hydraulic system МPа 12 12 12
Max. working speed km/h 60 60 60
Max. transport speed km/h 40 40 40