Front mount rotary snow broom FLB

The frontal rotary brush of the SNOWFOOT FLB is an attachment that is used to clean the paved road surface. The frontal swivel brush is mounted on the front of the vehicle, equipped with a universal attachment device (DIN plate), which is also used to set the front snow plows on it. The front brush operates in floating mode, exerting optimum pressure on the road surface. This minimizes the rate of wear of the brush elements and provides effective cleaning of roads from debris and dust in the summer, and in the winter – from fresh snow.

The FLB swivel front brush is operated with vehicles equipped with a hydraulic system. Control is exercised from the vehicle cabin.

Technical parameters FLB2000 FLB2500 FLB3000
Working width for pile, mm 2000 2500 3000
Rotation speed, rpm 350
Diameter of the brush element, mm 700 700 900
Brush material polypropylene
Weight, kg 400 565 605
The angle of rotation of the brush left / right deg. ±32    
Rotation drive there’s
Copy surface processing function there’s
Mounting method on the front of the vehicle DIN plate
Brush storage stands there’s
Parking lights, marking and retroreflective elements there’s
Copying of the roadway there’s
Adjusting the clamp to the road the canvas there’s
Working speed of cleaning, km / h 40 max