Loader mount runway sweeper LSB

The SNOWFOOT LSB 3000/3600 loader mount runway sweeper is an attachment that is used to clean the paved road from snow, slush, debris and standing water. A loader mount runway sweeper can be mounted on the front loader or a truck chassis equipped with a universal mounted device (DIN plate). The brush operates in a floating mode, exerting optimal pressure on the road surface minimizing the wear rate of the brush elements and ensuring efficient cleaning.

The SNOWFOOT LSB 3000/3600 loader mount runway sweeper, in addition to the brush, is equipped with a hydraulically driven cold air blower. This ensures complete surface cleaning.
The drive engine is closed by hoods. All machine functions are available from the control panel located in the cabin. Basic operations can be performed with a single joystick.

Technical parameters LSB 3000 LSB 3600
Overall length in working position 4.0 m 4.0 m
Overall width in working position (by brush) 3.4 m 4,0 m
Height 2.2 m 2.2 m
Weight 3.5 t 4,1 t
Brush length 3.6 m 4,2 m
Cleaning width (brush at an angle of 30 °) 3.4 m 4,0 m
Maximum brush diameter 960mm 960mm
Brush angle (left / right) 30° 30°
Support wheels 2 pairs 2 pairs
Air flow 10 cubic m/s 10 cubic m/s
Nozzle air speed 500km/h 500km/h
Recommended maximum operating speed 40-60km/h 40-60km/h
Recommended carrier Wheel loader with carrying capacity of at least 4 tons and engine capacity of at least 200 l/s.
Onboard voltage 12V 12V
drive engine 220kW/1900rpm 220kW/1900rpm