Self-contained cold air blower CAB

The self-contained cold air blower SNOWFOOT CAB is an attachment that is used to clean hard-surface roads, runway surfaces, steering tracks, runway lights, and direction indicators from snow, ice, debris, standing water, mowed grass by cold blowing. The self-contained cold air blower SNOWFOOT CAB is installed on the front loader. The fan of the cold blower is hydraulically driven.

The drive engine is closed by hoods. The self-contained cold air blower SNOWFOOT CAB can be operated in the range of outdoor temperatures from -40 ° C to + 48 ° C. All machine functions are available from the control panel located in the cabin. Basic operations can be performed with a single joystick. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with working headlights and an autonomous heater of hydraulic fluid.

Technical parameters Параметры
Overall dimensions, mm:

– total width

– total height

– total length


2534 (nozzle facing forward)


1657 (nozzle facing right)

Weight, kg 2800
Air flow rate, km/h 580
Air flow rate, m3/h 15571
Flow direction left/right
Rotate the nozzle, hail. 0 – 168
The distance from the nozzle to the blown surface, mm 76

Engine power, kW / hp



 Recommended carrier Wheel loader, with a loading capacity not less than 4 tons