Snow plow ASP FM series

The design of the snow plow SNOWFOOT FM series is designed to meet the special requirements of airports and is adaptive for various conditions.The adjustable polyurethane wing of the snow plow is fixed on the plow frame in such a way that with the help of hydraulic cylinders the plow can change the geometry, adapting the plow to be used as a universal turnable and high-speed plow (right or left). Thus, the plow is able to work effectively with different types of snow and its quantity – the wing geometry adapts to the snow pressure and opens the wing in the direction of discharge. This design of the snow plows SNOWFOOT of the FM series is unique.

The hydraulic system (turning left/right, lifting, lowering) of the plow is controlled from the driver’s cabin using a simple control panel.

Technical parameters units of measurement ASP FM5 ASP FM6 ASP FM7
Weight kg 1550 1650 1850
Mouldboard width mm 5700 6000 7020
Blade length mm 5х1140 6х1000 6х1170
Mouldboard height mm 1000 1000 1000
Working width 30° mm 4850 5200 6100
Working width mm 5700 6000 6990
Angle of rotation snow plows deg. ±30 ±30 ±30
lifting time snow plows sec. 6 6 6
Turning time snow plows sec. 9 9 9
Working pressure in the hydraulic system МPа 12 12 12
Max. working speed km/h 60 60 60
Max. transport speed km/h 40 40 40