Snow plow MSP FM series

The universal turnable snow plows SNOWFOOT FM series are designed for cleaning urban roads from fresh snow, as well as sludge and frazil. Distinctive feature of plow SNOWFOOT FM series is adjustable polyurethane plow wing, allowing it to change shape and working height for maximum versatility. With the help of hydraulic cylinders, the plow can take the form of both a universal turnable and high-speed plow (right or left). This design of the FM plow series has no analogues.

Extensive adjustments, as well as the possibility of using both metal and rubber (polyurethane) blades, further enhance its effectiveness.

Technical parameters units of measurement MSP FM5 MSP FM6
Working width (straight / at maximum angle) mm 3350 / 2745 3500 / 2870
Weight kg 880 910
Overall height of the plow mm 1143 1143
Mouldboard height mm 730 730
Plow wing material thickness mm 6 6
Maximum angle of turning of the plow deg. 35 35
Number of hydraulic cylinders turning units 2 2
Protection against hitting the obstacle   Mechanical, swivel spring loaded blades
lifting time snow plows sec. 4 4
Turning time snow plows sec. 6 6
Protection from arbitrary lowering of the plow   Hydraulic lock on lift cylinder
Plow fixing in the turned position   Hydraulic lock on lift cylinder
Working speed no more km/h 40 40
transport speed no more km/h 60 60