Snow plow SWP series

The snow plow SNOWFOOT SWP series is installed on the right side of the vehicle frame and is used in combination with the front snow plows SNOWFOOT MSP series.The use of a lateral rotary snow plow allows you to expand the cleaning zone by 2.39 meters with coverage of roadsides, natural and artificial broadening.

The side turnable snow plow SNOWFOOT of the SWP series is equipped with a hydraulic lock for lifting (lowering). The distinctive features of the snow plows SWP series are: a simple and powerful design and a snow plow wing made of polyurethane. The design of the snow plow allows you to copy the longitudinal and transverse profile of the road.

Technical parameters units of measurement SWP
Working width mm 2390
Weight kg 950
The height of the plow body with a blade mm 850
The greatest distance from the vehicle wheel to the line at the plow (working extended position) mm 2500
Plow wing material thickness mm 6
Maximum angle of turning of the plow deg. 45
Number of hydraulic cylinders turning units 2
Road width occupied by the plow in transport position mm 850
lifting time snow plows sec. 4
Turning time snow plows sec. 6
Ground clearance of the blade in transport position mm 250
Device for fixing the plow in the transport position Hydraulic locks on lifting and turning hydraulic cylinders
Working speed no more km/h 40
transport speed no more km/h 60